Experience the Magic of Multichrome with Our Cloud Dust Loose Pigments

Experience the Magic of Multichrome with Our Cloud Dust Loose Pigments

Makeup lovers, get ready to add some magic to your makeup routine with our new Cloud Dust multichrome loose pigments. These highly reflective, colour-shifting pigments are perfect for adding some shimmer and fun to your everyday makeup look. They come in two collections to suit your personal style.

First, there's our Dragonscale collection, which features black-based, rich multichromatic shades. These shades include Leviathan, a deep blue that shifts to pink and purple; Fafnir, an Olive that shifts to a golden peachy - orange; and Tiamat, a deep hot pink that shifts to olive, brown & orange. These bold, intense shades are perfect for creating a smoky, sultry look that is sure to turn heads.


Then there's our Whimsical Moments collection, which features more sheer, iridescent shades. These shades include Glass Slipper, a delicate Lilac that shifts to Periwinkle, pink & blue; Wand, a soft pink that shifts to gold & green; and Goblin, a shimmering green that shifts to blue, pink and even yellow. These delicate, dreamy shades are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your everyday makeup look.

Our Cloud Dust multichrome loose pigments are cruelty-free, comfortable & long-wearing.

Give them a try and see for yourself just how magical and versatile they can be. We know you'll love the bold, dynamic finish and the endless possibilities for creating unique, eye-catching makeup looks!

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