Get Ready to Shine! New Holographic and Iridescent Multichrome Pigments Launching Soon to Cloudchaser Cosmetics - Australian Indie Multichrome & Duochrome Makeup and Eyeshadows

Our latest store update is sure to get you excited. We have some amazing new multichrome loose pigments coming to our website soon!

While we're keeping the exact details under wraps for now, we can tell you that there will be two new ranges launching soon.

First up is our Holographic Multichrome range. This range is all about shimmer, sparkle, and shine. These pigments are perfect for adding some serious glitz and glam to your look.

The second range is a more sheer, iridescent, slightly flakey multichrome range. These shades are perfect for adding a subtle pop of color and dimension to your eyes.

We'll be announcing the names of these gorgeous new shades closer to the launch on our social media pages. Make sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram stories for sneak peeks of the swatches.

At our store, we pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality ingredients to create our stunning products. Our multichrome pigments and eyeshadows are no exception. They are long-lasting, easy to apply, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. So if you're looking to add some magic to your makeup routine, make sure to check out our range of multichrome pigments and eyeshadows. You won't be disappointed!
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