Changes To our eyeshadow pans!

Hey, Cloud Fam!

We have a quick update about our eyeshadow pans that we wanted to talk to you about, our new pans might look a bit different – they're taller than the old ones.
But rest assured, the weight of the product inside remains the same – about 1 gram per eyeshadow. We've included some pictures so you can check out the difference yourself. You might also notice some shades are pressed a bit harder now. Why? We want to make sure certain delicate shades travel safely to you. Pressing them firmer might make them seem a bit less full, but don't fret – it's just the increased pressure compressing the eyeshadow.

We wanted to share this info because these changes might affect how some eyeshadow formulas appear in the pan. We want to clarify that our eyeshadows are measured by weight, not fill size or height. In general, different formulas impact an eyeshadows fill height as some formulas are heavier (or lighter) then others and some may need to be pressed firmer. So Different formulas, shades, and ingredients can mean the pans might look a bit diverse across the board, this is totally normal. We also wanted to mention that any weight labelled on our packaging / labels is inclusive of the 1 gram of product + packaging.

We've had a few questions in the past so we wanted to address them - refunds or discounts won't be given based on the pan's fill size / appearance. We can assure each pan regardless of it's appearance, holds approximately 1 gram of product. To maintain our eyeshadows at an affordable price point, it's crucial for all pans to adhere to this weight. Increasing the weight would necessitate a price increase and we want our eyeshadows to stay affordable for our customers!

Having said this though, if you do feel there is an issue with your eyeshadow (keeping the above info in mind) then please don't hesitate to contact us we're here to help. Thank you for your incredible support – we treasure each and every one of you! 💖✨ xx

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